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Success :: Personality Traits That Hinder Online Success

There are many variables that will contribute intern to or hinder your online success. Becoming comfortable with operating an internet marketing business concerns more than simply any technicalities involved. One of the biggest factors that can influence your marketing success is your own personality. Yup, even on the internet how you act, react or simply view the world can have an impact on how successful online you actually become

Here are 5 relatively common personality traits that can negatively impact the growth of your internet marketing business.


Many people grew up in an environment of instant gratification which does not necessarily help to develop a lot of patience. Patience is a virtue that is also a requirement when working online! Except if you choose to believe a lot of the sales copy you see touting overnight riches, becoming successful online is the result of work, commitment and much patience! A lack of this virtue results in hasty decisions and quitting if expectations are not quickly met!

Sense of Entitlement

Expecting to succeed without commitment or sacrifice is unrealistic especially when taking on the role of entrepreneur! For many who grew up never wanting for anything, it is a foreign notion that they must invest of themselves, and yes this means effort, to achieve desired results! As anyone working on the internet will tell you, their marketing success is the result of much diligence, testing and tweaking which (gulp) does require effort!

Too Much ‘A’

Type A personalities are not normally well suited for an internet marketing business simply because as mentioned above patience will be needed. If you can count on anything when working online it is that your efforts will not always yield the results you were expecting. Having the ability to observe, learn, maintain patience and make the necessary adjustments is crucial in order to become successful online.

Fear of Taking Chances

Being afraid to take chances is a common fear held by many but there are those who allow this fear to absolutely paralyze them! Fear is good since it keeps you grounded but it must be managed or it will keep you from participating in life itself! Having this type of fear will severely limit you when running an internet marketing business since the very nature of the environment is change and chance! Decisions will need to be made and chances will need to be taken therefore anybody showing hesitation in theses areas will be left behind!


This type of personality is great for setting up a business but operating one will require that action often times be taken and fast! Being analytical tends to put more emphasis on thought and caution thereby slowing down the reaction time. In very many cases your marketing success online will be dependent upon thinking fast and moving even faster to capitalize on opportunities!

For some achieving online success with any type of internet marketing business may be more than a challenge due to certain personality traits. Now this is not to say they will never be successful online but only to note that certain traits, such as the 5 discussed above can work against your progress. Of course being aware of this also allows marketing web for corrective action to be taken. The point here is that many challenges blocking people from experiencing marketing success online originate from factors other than technicalities associated with the internet itself. Working online is marketing and will continue to be an ongoing learning experience where nothing is automatic and success is not a reward for simply showing up! Accepting change along with a willingness to work and take the necessary actions when needed will be required if becoming successful online is in your plans!